CLS Under New Ownership

June 30, 2024

CLS Under New Ownership
Big news: As of July this year, Canadian Luthier Supply is under new ownership.

After more than a decade, Josh House is passing CLS on to his assistant builder, Derek Harrison, who has been working in his shop in Goderich since 2021. Derek will continue to build the core line of CLS products to the same standards of reliability and stability over years of use in a production environment, while also expanding the CLS catalogue of luthier products available to the Canadian market at a fair price. 

A Note from Josh

Dear fellow luthiers and CLS supporters,

Since 2011, I've single-handedly made thousands of radius dishes - and dozens of Trojis and binding jigs - that can be found in workshops around the world. CLS has allowed me the privilege of meeting hundreds of builders, and I'm so grateful for the interactions and friendships that have come as a result.

Unfortunately, running CLS has become an increasing challenge, as processing huge quantities of MDF and plywood has taken a toll on my body. I look forward to no longer lugging these materials up 2 flights of stairs to my shop! Fortunately for us all, someone is stepping in who will not only continue my product line, but is well-positioned to grow CLS into a resource that will better serve the lutherie market moving forward.

Let me introduce Derek Harrison. For the past 3 years, Derek has worked with me in my shop in Goderich, Ontario, assisting with my own instrument builds while learning the CLS production process. He has proven to be a capable luthier with the knowledge and skills needed to take CLS and grow it beyond where I could have taken it.

Derek began his luthier journey as I did, a student of Sergei de Jonge, and builds SS and classical guitars as well as mandolin-family instruments. But Derek also has special interest in manufacturing, and aims to focus on products, services, and supplies that are currently difficult to access for Canadian luthiers at a fair price, and jigs and tools not being offered by other suppliers (not limited to Canada).

I’m confident that Derek will offer better products and customer srvice than I've been able to. Personally, I'm excited to focus strictly on my guitars while pursuing a healthier work/life balance.

With gratitude,


A Note from Derek

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Derek Harrison, and I am a luthier and multi-instrumentalist that has lived and worked in Montreal, Melbourne, and throughout Ontario. 

I have been working out of Josh's shop, the home of House Guitars and Canadian Luthier Supply, since 2021. Josh was kind enough to welcome me into his shop, and as the months went by I took on more and more responsibility, both as assistant luthier and in helping him operate CLS. When I learned that he was entertaining the idea of selling off that side of the business, I was quick to express my interest. 

As of July, the new CLS production facility will be open! Josh will continue with me in a consulting role for the remainder of 2024 (and I'm sure we will continue to find ways to work together for many more years to come). 

With CLS entering a new era, I want to assure you that Josh has taught me well during the past several years and that our products will continue to be built to the same high standards, while plans are already underway to bring more of the products you want and need to the Canadian market and fill the gaps frustrating luthiers in Canada and beyond.

Thanks for being a customer of CLS and coming with me into this next chapter, 


Our inbox is open! We want to fill the gaps that frustrate luthiers in Canada (and beyond).

Please reach out to Derek and let him know what you are struggling with and we will do what we can to try to solve that problem for you. We'd love to hear from more luthiers about what you feel is missing, and what you'd like to see added to the CLS catalogue.