Blackwood Guitar Making School

Blackwood Guitar Making School

I want to introduce you to Canada’s newest luthier school! With a brand new shop and on site accommodations this is one of the best options you'll find in Canada for getting a taste of what it takes to build your own guitar.  - Josh


From Ted
Welcome to Blackwood Guitar Making School. We are located just 20 minutes Northwest of Brockville. Our goal is to teach every student how to make a fine instrument during a 5-week acoustic guitar making program.

We take up to 5 students per program, keeping the 1:1 time with the instructor to a maximum. This ensures your success while enhancing your enjoyment of the program. All materials are supplied, as are hand tools and required machinery. Safety is a priority, so you will be instructed in the safe use of all machines. I will assist you with machine processes should you be unsure. You are welcome to bring your own hand tools.

We start with literally a pile of raw wood and work our way through the process of building a fine acoustic steel-string guitar. Each process will be demonstrated by the instructor, and then the students will perform the same operations on their guitar with ongoing guidance. I will be building my own guitar during the course, so every process will be clearly demonstrated.

About Ted
Ted Brown is the owner of Blackwood Guitars and the Blackwood Guitar Making School. Ted has over 40-years of experience as a trained cabinet maker and woodworking teacher. Learn more about Ted HERE.

Visit the Blackwood Guitar School Website for more information.

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