House Guitars - Custom acoustic guitars

Friends of CLS - Inlay artist Mark Kett offers inlay services to luthiers and has done work for some of today’s best builders. I am very grateful to Mark who has allowed me to use his designs for several of the jigs we are offering.

Hibdon Hardwood - We are excited to team up with Hibdon Hardwood of St. Louis, Missouri, in bringing quality instrument wood to the Canadian market. Hibdon has over 30 years of experience supplying various hardwoods to the luthier community. 

Luthier schools we support

Canadian School of Luthiery - Locations in Toronto ON and Dartmouth NS. CLS offers courses ranging from 1 day to 1 year with instruction in acoustic and electric guitar instruction as well as repair.

de Jonge School of Lutherie - This is where I got my start as an instrument maker. Take the opportunity to learn from a true master.

Tony Karol - One on one building course in Missisauga ON. Tony offers instruction in acoustic or electric guitar construction. See website for class openings.

Luthier instruction and forums - Frank Ford’s great site for information on guitar repair.

Official Luthiers Forum - A great forum for finding info on instrument construction (primarily guitar).

Canadian Guitar Forum - Many free resources for constructing and maintaining electric guitars. 

For Guitar Players and Musicians

Free Guitar Lessons - Get access to guitar tutorials and instructions for a jumpstart to playing music. 

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network - Music student and teacher matching service



Important Update

Welcome to CLS! We are working to maintain a turnaround time of aproxiamtly 2 week on radius dish and Troji orders. However due to a continuing high volume of orders the wait is currently longer. We will contact you after you place your order to confirm your aproximate wait time. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to serving you!