Tony Karol Building Course

Tony Karol has been teaching guitar-making since 2003.
If you'd like the opportunity to study one-on-one with a master builder, this is the course for you.
The instruments built by Tony's students are among the nicest student-built instruments I've seen!
With Tony, you can choose to build an acoustic or electric guitar with various custom options.
Previous students' instruments have included 5-string basses, 7- and 8-string guitars, and harp guitars. 
There is a very limited number of student openings available each year, and they fill up fast.
Tony Karol Building Course 
Visit Tony's website for more information and reserve your spot today!
Karol Guitars, Located in Missisauga, ON, Canada


A word from Tony:

"As a student, you will receive hands-on, one-to-one tutoring to build an electric or acoustic guitar of your own design. Learn the aspects of guitar-making - wood bending, bracing design, neck carving, inlaying, fretwork, finishing, and setup. With over 25 years of expertise and a complete shop of jigs and specialized tools at your disposal, you will learn all the skills needed to build a performance-grade instrument. Having built over 100 custom guitars in my career so far, you will benefit from my experience and learn to create an instrument of your own design that will be a pleasure to play and behold for years to come."

Karol StudentKarol student instrument

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