de Jonge School of Lutherie

If you ever have the opportunity to study with a master, you should take it.

Sergie de Jonge started his career in lutherie more than 40 years ago, working in the shop of Jean Larrivee. He is now recognized world-wide as one of the elite builders of our time.

In 2003 I had the opportunity to attend Sergei de Jonge's building course. Going into the course, I had minimal woodworking experience and no knowledge of guitar construction. I came out of the course 4 weeks later, having completed my first guitar. Sergei's course gave me the foundational skills needed to launch my career in lutherie. Since then, I've founded House Guitars, and am privileged to build high-quality custom guitars for clients around the world. 

Sergei's course will give you the opportunity to learn every step of the guitar building process, from design and construction to finishing and final set-up. You can choose to build a steel-string or classical guitar. 

Please visit the de Jonge School of Lutherie website for more information.

Check out the great testimonials from past students.

Important Update

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