About Us

Canadian Luthier Supply

Canadian Luthier Supply was started in 2011 with the purpose of bringing a variety of luthier-related products to the Canadian market, many of which have only been available out of country. We want to save Canadians money while providing easy access to top-quality brands, as well as our own line of jigs and fixtures. These include our own designs and designs formerly offered by Mark Kett of guitarjigs.com. 

9 years in we are regularly suppling products to top luthiers around the world. We have starting small with only a handful of products, but over time we hope to expand our selection of products and brands as the business grows. 

Canadian Luthier Supply is the parts and jigs division of House Guitars.

Josh House

Josh is the owner and luthier of House Guitars and Canadian Luthier Supply. He has been building and repairing guitars professionally since 2003 and has built instruments for professional players around the world. CLS offers the kinds of products and tooling that Josh has been using for years.

Important Update

Welcome to CLS! We are working to maintain a turnaround time of aproxiamtly 2 week on radius dish and Troji orders. However due to a continuing high volume of orders the wait is currently longer. We will contact you after you place your order to confirm your aproximate wait time. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to serving you!