African Blackwood is coming soon!

Posted on April 29, 2017 by JOSHUA HOUSE

Many of you have asked if we’ll be receiving any African Blackwood from Hibdon Hardwood now that it’s CITES restricted. We’re excited to report that the paperwork is now in place and we expect our first shipment of Blackwood within the next 2 months!


We’ll be stocking the following items:

Back/side sets

Fretboard blanks

Bridge blanks




If you’d like more information on these Blackwood products or want to reserve items from this shipment, please e-mail to let us know. This will enable us to keep you posted on the shipment’s progress.


African Blackwood is CITES restricted; we can’t sell it outside Canada. We can provide CITES documentation to anyone purchasing African Blackwood. US residents can purchase Blackwood directly from Hibdon Hardwood. International customers should contact Hibdon directly to inquire about shipping CITES woods to their own country.


If you have questions about African Blackwood or our other products, please contact us.

K&K Pickups are now in stock!

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