Restocking Mahogany and Spanish Cedar

August 19, 2015

We’re compiling an order of Mahogany and Spanish Cedar items, scheduled to arrive late fall. This is a good time for you to reserve items from this shipment. To do so, email us your list of items, and we’ll reply with a quote for your order (shipping and tax included). We’ll also keep you updated on the status of your order.

Payment is not required until the wood clears Canadian customs. 

Prices below are in Canadian dollars and do not include tax or shipping. 

This year we have the opportunity to bring in some highly-figured back/side sets and neck blanks (3”x4”x30”). Selection is limited, so first-come, first-served! (Pictures are only a sample, not the actual sets.)



Highly-figured back/side sets • $350

Highly-figured 1-piece neck blanks, 3”x4”x30” • $250

1”x3”x24” with heel block • $35.50*

3”x3”x18” Uke neck blank • $25.00*

Electric body blanks, paint-grade • $85*


Spanish Cedar

1”x3”x24” with heel block • $35.50*

1”x3”x36” • $31*

 *Buy 10 get 1 free


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