Fred Tellier

November 22, 2014


I'm happy to introduce the first builder to our Featured Builder blog.

I met Fred Tellier several years ago at one of the first guitar shows we exhibited at together. Fred has been building for nearly 10 years and continues to hone his craft building custom steel-string guitars and bouzoukis. Spend some time at Fred's website and Facebook page to get a closer look at his work. 

A note from Fred:

"I got involved with acoustic building in 2005 after retiring from my job as an Industrial Electrician. I have been playing most of my life and on the suggestion of a friend who was a hobby builder decided to try building.

My 1st guitar was a Martin OM cutaway kit that was completed in 2006, and since it came out quite good I decided to do a second guitar from scratch, and from there I was hooked on Luthiery. I now build 5 guitars per year as a part time venture in a shop at home.

I will build any style of flat top acoustics and have tooling for 6 different models, but will take on projects that need new molds and bending forms created. I offer cutaways, sound ports, armrest bevels, and either dove tail or bolt-on neck attachments. I have a large assortment of tonewood available to meet most customer requirements and will get whatever alternate woods are requested.

My favorite part of the build is the first sounds the guitar emits after string up and hearing it played. I have an admiration for all builders, it takes a special person to do what we do, at shows like Montreal I am like a kid in a candy store admiring the workmanship and sound of the guitars."

Fred lives in Ontario, Canada.


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