New Mahogany Stock Has Arrived! March 2016

Posted on March 20, 2016 by JOSHUA HOUSE

We're very excited to tell you that after a long wait (over 6 months), our latest shipment of Mahogany has arrived! Once again, we've got a wide variety of neck blanks and more back and side sets in stock. We're now unpacking and sorting the wood, and will be updating our website with the new products as we go.


Products back in stock

•1x3x24" Mahogany neck with heel block

•1x3x36" Mahogany neck blanks

•3x4x36" Plain and figured Mahogany neck blanks

•Uke neck blanks

•1x3x24" Spanish Cedar neck with heel block

•Electric body blanks, “Paint” grade and “A” grade

•Plain Mahogany and figured Mahogany back/side sets


Mahogany Pricing

With this arrival comes a price increase. Previously, our wood shipments arrived when the Canadian and US dollars were at, or around, par. This year we've seen the value of the CAD drop to its lowest point in 12 years before rebounding. Our new prices will reflect the drop in the value of the CAD.


If you're interested in reserving any wood before it reaches the website, please email us and let us know what you are interested in. We'll get back to you with the new prices and an estimated ship date for your order.

K&K Pickups are now in stock!

MusicNomad humidifier now in stock!

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