10' Radius Dish with sandpaper or 10' Rectangle Work-board

$180.00 CAD

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10' sanding dish only - $165 CAD

10' work-board only - $125 CAD

10' dish & work-board pair - $280 CAD

Radius dishes can be found in the shops of most acoustic guitar luthiers these days. They are used when gluing braces with either a go-bar deck or vacuum clamping system to give the top or back the desired radius. Sanding dishes are used for sanding the rim in preparation for gluing the top and back. Round dishes have a 24" diameter.

For the past few years we’ve been making 10’ sanding dishes and work-boards by special order. We’ve been making so many of them that we’re now offering them as a standard item. 

We do a couple things different with our 10’ dishes in order to ensure they are stable and accurate. We’ve added an additional thickness to the blank to accommodate the deeper radius and provide extra stability. We also machine these in 2 steps over 2 days. We start by cutting the radius to approximately ¾ of it’s final depth. We then allow the blank to “settle” overnight and machine the final radius the following day. This method produces more accurate results than machining the radius in one step. The extra thickness and additional machining time are what account for the extra cost.

This dish comes with a high-quality 60-grit sandpaper installed. 

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Sanding dish, Work-board, or Dish & Work-board pair

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