Hiscox Cases

Built light and strong, Hiscox cases offer maximum instrument protection at a very affordable price. Every case features high impact/puncture resistance as well as crush strength over 1,100 lbs! Hiscox cases also have excellent insulating qualities to protect your instrument from extreme heat and cold. It is the only case in this price range that we are comfortable recommending as a true flight case. All this in less than 10 lbs! We are very excited to be distributing these cases to the Canadian market.

We offer the Pro II series and the Artist series. Please Click Here for a complete comparison of each series’ features. 

Case sizes - a note from Hiscox

“All measurements are approximate and have been taken to the inside of the side cushions. These sizes are to be used as a guide only as different guitars with seemingly identical dimensions fit differently within the same case due to shape/contour differences between instruments.”

Please compare your instrument to the acoustic Dimension Listed Here in order to find the best fit for your instrument. 

Hiscox also makes cases for Violin, Cello, Mandolin, Alto and Tenor Saxophone and other brass instruments. Please contact us for more information and prices. All guitar cases have a flat shipping rate of $35 in Canada. Any case we do not have in stock can be ordered in and ready for shipment in approximately 3 business days.