2020 summer shutdown

A couple years ago I started taking a significant break at the end of the summer. 15 years of non-stop work as a one-man operation had taken its toll (and I was only 35!). 

I’ve come to see the value in this time off from the standpoint of physical and mental rest and recovery. It’s a chance for me to spend some quality time with my family, and do some important business planning for the coming year.

The 2020 break will take place Aug 22 - Sep 6 2020. No orders will be processed or shipped during this time. Our business will remain open for new orders to be placed and we will continue to respond to all inquiries. We’ll begin filling orders again on Sep 7th. We’ll do our best to fulfill and ship all orders placed prior to the summer break, but orders placed close to Aug 22nd may not ship till after Sep 7th.

If you are considering ordering any of our products and hoping to have them for September we encourage you to place the order as soon as possible. Keep in mind that COVID shipping delays are currently causing longer delivery times.

We continue to thank all our clients for your continued support during this challenging year. We wish you and your family good health and safety curing the COVID-19 pandemic

Josh House (and family)

Important Update

Welcome to CLS! We are working to maintain a turnaround time of aproxiamtly 2 week on radius dish and Troji orders. However due to a continuing high volume of orders the wait is currently longer. We will contact you after you place your order to confirm your aproximate wait time. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to serving you!