African Blackwood

African Blackwood has become one of the most sought after tonewood for guitar makers. Hibdon Hardwood has been supplying guitar makers with African Blackwood for year, but with it's recent addition to CITES it can no longer be shipped internationally. We are pleased that it can again be offered to the Canadaian market. We have the largest stock in Canada for African Blackwood back/sides, fretboards, bridges, bindings and headplates.

Notes from Hibdon on Grading and wood characteristics

"African Blackwood: is generally considered the best of all tone woods. Blackwood is highly prized for its tone, stability and beauty. Blackwood is the woodwind instruments (clarinet, oboe, bassoon) wood, often called “Granadillo”. It is also widely used for bagpipes, flutes and fifes. This wood bends and machines very well, but has silica which dulls tools quickly. This wood is superior to Ebony for bridge blanks and fingerboards as it is more stable, less prone to checking or cracking or crumbling.

It grows so slowly and under such difficult conditions that making a nearly flawless set is very rare. Usually, sets will have various small, aesthetic flaws such as pin worm holes, pin knots, flares, discolored spots, etc. We chalk mark all these carefully. Also, this is a small tree so many backs will be rift or even flat-cut."

Back/side sets are available in 2 grades. "Premium" grade sets are quartered, or mostly quartered. "A" grade sets have rift or flat-sawn grain. Both grades may contain defects. We have done our best to clearly identify any defects in the pictures and description of each set.

African Blackwood is CITES restricted and we cannot ship it outside Canada. CITES documentation is available on request.



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