"The Tree" Mahogany in Canada!

November 22, 2019

"The Tree" Mahogany in Canada!

“The Tree” mahogany is widely considered the rarest and most sought after tonewood currently on the market. The limited supply (all wood coming from 1 tree) combined with stunning quilted figure make this wood unique. A quick google search brings up many articles and pictures of wood from this legendary tree.

"The Tree" Guitars


I was approached by a fellow Canadian builder who has a few sets of “The Tree” mahogany that he is looking to sell. This is an unheard of opportunity to have this tonewood available in Canada! 

The following are sample pictures and prices for the sets being offered. These sets are being offered at a bit bellow market price for similar sets currently on the market. The sets are being sold directly by the builder who currently owns the sets and not CLS/House Guitars. These sets are available to Canadian residents only and cannot be shipped outside the country.

Anyone interested in getting more information should contact me and I can put you in touch with the builder directly. Additional pictures and information can be provided.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’ve been considering “The Tree” for a build, or to add to your stash this is the time to get it!


Set A - $3,500 USD

The Tree A1


Set F4 - $3,500 USD

The Tree F4


Set F3 - $3,500 USD

The Tree F3


Set Unmarked - $3,000 USD

The Tree Unmarked Set


Set D1 - $3,000 USD

The Tree D1

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