Product updates 2021

February 02, 2021

Product updates 2021

Binding Jig - Out of production

Our binding jig has remained unique the industry. It continues to be the only stationary jig with fixed based sliders that centre on the cutter. Quick, repeatable, and accurate is what sets this jig apart. We are proud that top luthiers around the world have chosen to use this jig. 

However over the past few years demand has dropped off as alternative jigs have been introduced into the market. At this point we can no longer justify stocking the thousands of dollars in parts to continue offering these jigs for the number of units we sell each year. If there was enough demand we would consider bringing it back. If you have questions about our jig please get in touch.

Kerfed liners - Out of production. 

For an alternate Canadian source for liners please consider

Hiscox Cases - Currently unavailable

Since the pandemic hit the Hiscox factory has been shut down multiple times leading to supply issues for the North American market. Since August 2020 we have had difficulty in getting any popular size of Hiscox case. We have also been unable to have backorders filled in a timely manor. Because of the uncertainty with supply we are no longer taking orders or backorders until the Hiscox supply returns to normal levels. We do plan to continue offering Hiscox cases as there is no comparable product in this price range. 

Wait List

See our wait list for current turnaround time on radius dish/work-board and Troji orders.